There’s an old hymn I sing when I rock my babies to sleep. I sang it during my deepest depression with tears falling on my firstborn’s little clenched fist on my chest. I sang it during the first weeks of our second child’s life with a calm as I praised God for another precious life. 

Now, I sing it with tears falling down as I think of the mom who is currently fighting her own depression and anxiety. 

I sing it as I pray for you. I sing it as I wish I could hug you. I sing it as I hold back the urge to rush to be by your side. 

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We are living in a time when the unknown is all we know.

We aren’t sure when we will see one another again. We don’t know when we will be able to walk freely down our streets to lunch with friends. We are drowning in the unknown and it’s isolating. 

During a time that has already felt scary and lonely for you as you fight your anxiety and depression, I’m sure you’re feeling even more defeated than ever before. I’m sure because I’ve felt that way when the world was “normal.”

You feel so far from those who you can rely on, and you’re tired. 

You’re thinking that if you say anything, then others will fear the worst about your current state or maybe not even care. 

You’re wondering if you’re doing enough for your children as you take on the role of overseeing their schooling and planning activities to pass the time while struggling to put one foot in front of the other. 

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Oh, sister, this is just a moment in time, no matter what the news update says.

This is just a moment in time, no matter how far tomorrow feels right now.

This is just a moment in time as you feel like you’re failing.

This is just a moment in time—I promise.

These chains holding you to this moment will break and tomorrow will be brighter.

You are not alone.

You are loved and seen by the greatest Father in whose image you are made.

You are prayed for by someone at this very moment.

You are so precious and worth more than every precious gem in this world.


Ashley I. Arinez

Ashley and her husband, Matthew are raising their two daughters and their rescue pit bull Bella in St. Louis, Missouri. After three previous losses and postpartum depression after having each of her daughters, Ashley shares her journey to and through motherhood on her personal blog.