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He knew a firefighter needed someone to hold down the fort while he works 100-hour work weeks and who could sleep alone multiple times per week for over 20 years. So God made a fire wife.

He knew a firefighter needed someone who could spend evenings alone with a colicky newborn, holidays without him, attend sporting events solo with her kids, and handle nights alone taking care of sick babies. So God made a fire wife.

He knew a firefighter needed someone to see all the little things that happen behind the scenes and the countless hours spent attending fire-rescue trainings, working on countless certifications, and continuing medical training. So God made a fire wife.

He knew a firefighter needed someone who understood his need to decompress or work through the emotional turmoil of a call. So God made a fire wife.

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He knew a firefighter needed someone who could handle the little dinosaur humans that run rampant when he’s away and try to keep everything from breaking while he’s gone. So God made a fire wife.

He needed someone who would understand that his love for the job far outweighs the risks involved. So God made a fire wife.

He needed someone to support his desire to bring a little light into a dark world through the chaos of his job. So God made a fire wife.

God made a fire wife because she loves that man in turnout gear more than words can describe. Her insides might ache when he’s at a fire, repelling down a bridge, or trying to talk down a suicide victim, but she knows her job of supporting him and loving him is a precious calling.

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God made a fire wife to greet him at the door with a kiss, to teach her children about the heroic work he does, and to hold down the fort—even when it’s hard and lonely.

Her prayers are heard. God is with her. She will hold the title and calling of fire wife close to her heart and not give in to the enemy’s schemes.

So God made a fire wife—to love, honor, and cherish her hero who puts his life on the line for complete strangers every day.

Dear fire wife, don’t give up. You were made for this.

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Lizzy Christian

Lizzy Christian is a toddler-chasing, coffee-sipping, firefighter wife, and vacuuming enthusiast who has a passion for writing. She is the founder of the Fire Wife Chronicles, which is geared on topics of motherhood, marriage, faith, & first responder family life. Lizzy received her undergrad in Crisis Counseling from Liberty University and her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling – Crisis Response and Trauma from Liberty University’s Graduate School. She is a two-time NYC Marathon finisher and avid runner, and former School Counselor and Athletic Director. Lizzy married her high school sweetheart and together they have two sons and a daughter. Visit www.lizzychristian.com for additional resources and upcoming projects. 

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