“Lord, help those who are running towards the danger, help the victims and offer them comfort, be with those families who will be impacted by this emergency. Lord, be with all of those who are involved.”

A prayer I say out loud every time I see those lights flashing. The sirens whiz past me as I pull over to the side of the road. A simple prayer to offer them protection.

This all comes from a sermon I heard years ago. I was much younger, maybe a tween at the time. I sat there in the pew, my siblings fidgeting next to me, breathing this in. For some reason this sermon spoke to me, and I still remember this prayer word for word years later.

As I grew up, my life became intertwined with those in the first responder industry. I became amazed by the people who would always run toward danger as everyone else was running way. Those souls who put their lives on the line to save others.

Many times, we are in a rush trying to get somewhere when we see those lights. We get frustrated by the fact we have to pull over, delaying us from getting to our destination. We overlook those fire stations as we drive past, unaware of the people who are inside. We are annoyed by the sirens that wake up our sleeping baby.

How often do we think of the spouses who kiss their loved ones every morning, knowing that today they will be put in harm’s way? The kids whose parents can’t make it to their school plays and baseball games because they got the page to be with someone else family.

These men and women put their lives on hold to help others countless times each day.

I have watched my baby sister put on her EMT uniform, knowing she was not only going to be helping people in their weakest moments, but also be in situations you never want your loved one to be in.

I have sat at Thanksgiving dinner while my father-in-law has gotten up to answer a page. I have seen him physically pull out his gear from the back of the car and run into a building filling with gas to make sure everyone was out and safe.

As someone who has seen loved ones put themselves in danger to help those who need it the most and protect their communities, I say this prayer.

A prayer of safety, a prayer of hope, and a prayer of comfort.

I sit in my car, praying out loud as my toddlers squeal with delight in the back seat. I pray, “Lord help those who are running toward danger, help the victims and offer them comfort, be with those families who will be impacted by this emergency. Lord, be with all of those who are involved. Amen.”

Annie Henriksen

My name is Annie. I am the mother of two free-spirted kids, a freelance writer, and the face behind LaughterandKisses.com. Laughter and Kisses is all about filling your home with love and laughing instead of crying over those hard-parenting days! I spend most of my day chasing after these two blurry lightning bolts, I call my children. If I didn’t have my hands full enough with sippy cups and sticky mystery items, I am also on the board of directors of two non-profits. I am a freelance writer for multiple parenting websites; including Her View From Home and That’s Inappropriate. I have been honored to be featured on such sites as Romper, Pop Sugar, and Mummy Pages-UK. I’m not going to lie, I consume a massive amount of coffee each day just to keep up with life. Even though my days are jammed packed, I would not have it any other way! At the end of the day, after all of the struggles, I kiss my kid’s good night and it’s all worth it!