My husband got home at 3 a.m. and left again at 8 a.m. Work called. The boys gave their Daddy big hugs before he left for work and told him they love him.

Saying goodbye today was no different from any other day or night. They know Daddy is going to work. They know he is going to serve and protect the city.

What they don’t know is that Daddy is walking into danger. They don’t know that just because Daddy wears a badge, he has a target on his back. They don’t know that some people want to hurt men and women in blue. They don’t know that every time he walks out the door, I say a special prayer and ask for him to be safe.

And I don’t want them to know.

They don’t watch the news or read social media. We don’t share our fears with them. They are unaware of deadly school shootings, terrorist attacks, and attacks on law enforcement. They don’t know that there are monsters living in human bodies trying to hurt people.

My children believe that all people want to help one another and show love. They believe all police are heroes and that everyone loves and admires them. They believe the world is mostly good.

And I’m OK with this. 

Eventually my children will learn of the atrocities that surround our world. But, I believe that our children should stay naive and innocent for as long possible. It is our job to shelter them from the horror that we are forced to face.

What they DO know is that Daddy is loved so much by his family and friends. They know that Daddy works hard to help others. They know that Daddy is a police officer. And a superhero! They tell me he is like Batman. He saves the day and puts the bad guys in jail. Yes, they think it is just that easy. They know he is working hard to serve and protect their city and they are excited about that. He’s their superhero. And that is all they need to know.

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Andrea Smolin

Andrea is a special education teacher in Virginia Beach, wife to a police officer, and mommy to three wild and amazing little men. She is passionate about working hard, equality, and living a healthy life. She is a lover of all things- especially when they involve caffeine and wine. Her work has been featured through Her View from Home, Scary Mommy-It’s Personal, Reader's Digest, Red Mill Living, Pregnancy Corner, Kindness Matters, and Love What Matters. When she isn't dreaming of saving the world, she is chasing after her three boys. Follow her on her Facebook page: or on Twitter @Andreapsmolin