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Sometimes, it’s hard to remember there is a woman behind the mom. At home, you feel caught between two worlds. Mom world and wife world. Sometimes it’s hard to balance both.

We don’t exactly feel sexy in our leggings and messy mom bun. We don’t feel sexy at the end of the day when we are mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from being a mom all day.

The truth is we want to feel like ourselves again. We just aren’t sure where we fit in anymore.

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We know the kids only stay little for so long, so we put us last on the list. We start to lose ourselves little by little . . . and eventually, we don’t even recognize the woman looking back in the mirror.

We become distant from everything and everyone including ourselves. It feels like we are being pulled in a million directions and can’t catch our breath.

Here’s what I think . . . I think it is important to remember the woman behind the mom. I think it is important to put yourself on the priority list. It’s important for us to keep evolving as a person, developing new skills, and embracing our talents.

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I am going to say a bold statement: When we feel energized and excited for life, we show up better for our family. I truly believe it.

It doesn’t have to mean you have to leave for your family for hours every single day for me time. It could mean starting a new small hobby that excites you. It could mean going to the gym more. It could mean dressing up and going out for date night every now and then.

Yes, our kids are our top priority and we would die for them, but will we also live with excitement and joy for them? I know there is still a woman behind the mom. Let’s bring her out a little more, k? I’m rooting for you.

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Chantel Matthews

Chantel Matthews is a certified health coach & personal trainer. — She is passionate about helping moms feel healthy & energized.

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