There is a weird space moms can find themselves in.

But they’re afraid to acknowledge it.

There’s a constant war in the mind of  . . .

I know I should be happier. What’s wrong with me?

There’s guilt because she knows how blessed she is.

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She doesn’t want to bring it up to anybody because she doesn’t want to look ungrateful, dramatic, spoiled.

The truth is, she feels discontent and disconnected from herself.

She fakes the smile at the playdate and in the grocery store.

Even to her husband.

What would people think if they knew?!

No one would ever guess she has a battle within.

She’s always so put together.

But she’s struggling to find herself.

She feels as if motherhood has swallowed her whole.

Like who she is outside of motherhood is slowly being erased.

Pretty soon, she stops answering calls from her family and friends.

When she looks in the mirror, she just wonders . . . 

Who is this girl?

She always wanted to be a mother.

She LOVES her children.

She loves her family.

She just feels like she has lost track of who she is at the core.

Her hobbies and dreams seem like something that lives in the past.

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Momma, I get it. I understand.

You checked off all the boxes, you have done everything you’re supposed to . . . 

But there’s something within you dying to come out now.

The truth is you don’t have to die when your kids are born.

You can love and honor them . . .

AND honor yourself.

Take the time to get to know you again.

Reconnect, rediscover, realign with who you are meant to be.

Chantel Matthews

Chantel Matthews is a mentor for moms and founder of UNPAUSE HERa movement to help moms prioritize their mental and physical health. She is passionate about helping moms ignite who they are, so they can feel JOY within themselves and with their family.