For the Parents of My Students,

When you drop your child off to place into my care, I will do my very best to educate, encourage and enlighten them. Now, won’t you let me do just that?

Walking them to their classroom door each and every morning really isn’t necessary. You’d be proud just how brave they really can be, if you’d let them do just that.

When they come home complaining about a classmate or friend, you’d be surprised just how easily they can solve the problem on their own, if you’d let them do just that.

If they forget to bring their library book back when it is due, they will still be allowed to check one out the following week. There is no need for you to bring it to school for them. Soon they remember to be responsible for it, if you’d let them do just that.

Nothing is wrong with you packing their lunch each day. However, you’d be happy to know they sometimes enjoy eating the cafeteria food, if you’d let them do just that.

Staying after school or in at recess for help with their work shouldn’t be thought of as punishment. They soon will “learn” just how much we care, if you’d let them do just that.

Keeping things fair and equal at school isn’t always feasible. Fair and equal at home is difficult, imagine trying to do so with nineteen six-year-olds. Experiencing this early in life creates a sense of resiliency, if you’d let them do just that.

Hearing them argue or sass you in the hallway isn’t something we enjoy, or welcome in the classroom. Unfortunately, their power over you will continue to grow, if you let them do just that.

You won’t always agree with what we say or what we do, and that’s okay. However, by keeping those thoughts to yourself, you will show them you have faith in us, if you’d let them do just that.

Teachers have chosen this profession out of love of working with children, and the desire to make a difference. Now, won’t you let us do just that?

Stephanie Rush

Hello! My name is Stephanie Rush, and I am embarking on my 29th year of being an elementary teacher! Best job EVER!!!! I post things primarily on Facebook. I've written many things about my children, my teaching experiences, and most recently the death of my Mom.