Christmas with my son isn’t what it used to be.

You see, it used to be full of magic; full of wonder. Full of “I hope I make the nice list” and endless requests of “How many more days, Mommy?”

It used to be full of cute little outfits. You know the ones, with the matching bow ties and precious wool vests. And of course, the cutest little shoes I could find in his size.

It used to be full of Christmas pageants, both in church and in school. He on the stage, scanning the crowd for my eyes and I in the audience, waving with one hand; wiping a tear with the other.

It used to be full of Santa Claus letters. It started out with me writing them: “Mommy is writing this letter for me because I’m still too small.” Then it progressed to him writing, with all the backward bs and ds. And then by the time his handwriting was perfected . . . 

He suddenly became too old to write them anymore.

You know, you really don’t realize it’s happening. 

Until it happens.

Before you know it, they’re no longer asking how many sleeps.

Before you know it, they’re no longer asking if the mall Santa is the real guy or just a helper.

Before you know it, they’re no longer walking around the house in their favorite Santa Claus hat.

You blink . . . 

And it just happens.

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But you want to know what else just happens?

You catch him putting a five dollar bill into the Salvation Army kettle because he’s feeling the Christmas spirit.

You catch him spending hours shopping for his girlfriend’s Christmas gift because he wants it to be just perfect.

You catch him putting his phone in his pocket when your favorite Christmas movie comes in because he knows how much it would mean to you to just sit together and watch it, uninterrupted.

You catch him leaning over and holding your hand during the Christmas church service because he recognizes when the memories of Christmas past becomes too heavy.

So, mamas of teenagers, while Christmas with our children is no longer what it used to be . . . 

It can still be magical.

Let’s not weigh ourselves down with what it used it be.

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Instead, take the time to savor the sweet season you are in as you watch them put into practice what Christmas is really about.

For what we are getting to witness?

It’s better than cute could ever be.

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