Why are kids so mean? Ugh, you guys, my heart is just hurting this morning. Mean kids are everywhere. They just are. And it sucks. 

Those “good Christian church kids” that my son goes to school with are no exception. In a matter of 5 minutes they take all that my son is and reduce him to his height and shoe size. HIS SHOE SIZE. And then try to cover for themselves when they realize a mom is within ear shot by saying at least his shoes are cool. Why? Why?? WHY??? 

What makes some kids so full of themselves that they can look past their own ripped backpack and stupid haircuts and punky self to make others feel so small. And if they’ll talk this way when they know full well an adult is listening, then what are they saying when we’re not? 

It’s just not ok. 

What can we do differently as parents to make our sons realize that this kind of stuff is not just funny teasing, but hurtful, disrespectful and downright unacceptable? And what else can I do for my own son to reassure him? Aside from our almost nightly conversations about our Creator’s love for him? And God’s perfect plan for his life? And that God looked at our family 9 years ago and thought “I have the perfect boy in mind.” 

And ya, you better believe I bought him those “cool” shoes. Because while it’s not about his shoes to me, if that can level the playing field for a second, then it’s worth it in my book. Sometimes you just need a win. 

So talk to your sons. And your daughters. Please. From one mom to another. Let’s make this a better place to grow up. Be kind. Show love. We are all created in the image of our Father. ALL of us. 

My son’s lack of height does not make him small in the eyes of our loving God.

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