“Play Christmas music!” my 5-year-old daughter yelled as we drove to school. We had been in the Clark Griswold holiday spirit since November 1st. I selected a random holiday station when the song “Little Drummer Boy” started playing (the Pentatonix version). I’ve always loved this song and have heard it a million times.

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But for some reason on this particular morning, the song touched my soul. So much in fact I felt my eyes tearing up. My 2-year-old son asked, “Mommy, are you OK?” I replied yes that I was more than fine. That this song made me so happy I had happy tears.

This year more than ever, the reason this song spoke to me so much was that I could relate to the little drummer boy.

I think we all can relate to him.

Feeling like a helpless child, inadequate, like we have nothing left to give at the end of this year. We all know 2020 has been one for the books. We are all spentphysically, emotionally, and financially. But there’s hope. There is always hope and love in the world.

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Jesus was the hope the little drummer boy needed. Everyone was bringing the newborn King their finest gifts, and little drummer boy was like, I have nothing fit to bring a King.

That hit close to home as I drove the kids to school wearing my pajamas from the night before and hadn’t washed my hair in several days. But little drummer boy went to meet the new King, and he saw this new King was just like him. A poor boy, too.

Jesus doesn’t see us for what we give, but rather He sees what is in our hearts and sees us appreciating what we already have.

Little drummer boy already had a drum and his natural talent to play. So, he played and in particular, he played his best to praise Jesus. And at the end of the song, Jesus smiled.  

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There are several verses in the Bible where the Lord mentions He loves when we sing to Him and rejoice. So, I think we should all end this year singing Christmas songs and rejoicing. We should end this year appreciating what we already have and giving praise for that. We should end this year simply trying our best to be a good person and keep drumming along.

“That was a great song, Mom. That boy was so lucky he got to meet baby Jesus,” said my daughter. And one day, may we all be so lucky.  

Rachael Ramas

Rachael is a writer and chief encouragement officer to her fam of four. She is a Jesus lover, baby hugger and schedule juggler. As a midwestern girl living in a South Florida world, she enjoys transcribing her time raising her fournager daughter and wild man one year old. She doesn’t take herself too seriously but does her kids bedtime.