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The Mom Vote: We Are No Longer Anonymous

Written by Emily Music

Motherhood can be a dirty business. We are the reluctant experts on a variety of tough subjects including, but not limited to: name-calling, white lies, cleaning up messes, back talking, and problem solving. But motherhood isn’t the only dirty business in town.

This year’s presidential race has been particularly unruly. From Trump’s fat-shaming to Hillary’s basket of deplorables, political nastiness has reached an all-time high. As a mom, it’s sometimes too easy to compare the antics of our presidential candidates to those of my toddler. For this reason alone, moms like me may be more in tune to the current political climate than any other demographic.

Not only are we in tune with the issues, we have become a major focus group in the upcoming presidential election. Nicolle Wallace, political correspondent at NBC News, predicted that moms might just be the deciding factor in November. She writes in her article featured on Today Parents that “women are more likely to vote than men, and in the swing states, they could be the difference.” She further adds that, “[i]n the run-up to Election Day, we’ll be tracking the “Mom Vote.” We will listen to the issues and behaviors that are shaping the way women see the candidates, and which way they are leaning.”

Wallace has even handpicked a group of North Carolina moms to interview in the days leading up to the election, for insight into their thoughts, impressions, and opinions on who should be the next president. 


Pretty neat, right? It could be up to us, the demographic who was afforded the right to vote almost 150 years after this country was founded, to decide the next president. It seems the political experts have faith in our ability to rock out the vote, and they should. Not only are moms good at showing up to the polls, we have an extra incentive to make the right decision. 

Moms have a unique, front row seat to the future of our country- we are raising them. We see every issue through the lens of a child, never failing to ask “what does this mean for my kids?” 

And don’t be mistaken- EVERY single political issue on the table affects our children- whether it’s climate change, economic instability, or the insults being hurled across the debate stage. So it’s no surprise that women, and moms in particular, are faithful voters. 

What mothers see in these two candidates is crucial to the outcome of the election. And I promise, we don’t miss a thing. In many ways, choosing a president for our children, is similar to choosing a babysitter. We will be careful to vet you, noticing every potential flaw that could lead to disaster. Knowing at all times that our children’s safety and livelihood rests in their hands.

This is not a task we take lightly.

Virginia Woolf once said, “For most of history anonymous was a woman.” Women, mothers- we are no longer anonymous.  Our mother’s mothers were jailed, out-casted, and ostracized, just so we didn’t have to live anonymously. It would be a shame if all their work was in vein. 

So let’s be heard. It’s our turn to elect our country’s leader this November, and, frankly, it’s our duty. If you need further motivation to head to the poll, just look at your child’s face and ask yourself what kind of world you want them to live in. Because our decisions today will most certainly affect their tomorrow.

But I don’t have to tell you that. We moms usually know what’s best. That’s why the political powers that be are counting on us to show up in November. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th, so mark your calendars. In the meantime, use the hashtag #momvote to let your voice be heard on social media. 

About the author

Emily Music

Emily Music is an attorney turned stay at home momma living in Southern Ohio. She is the mother of a curly-headed toddler named Meredith, and wife to her Kentucky basketball enthusiast husband, Sean. Emily’s passions include writing for her blog at, and traveling the country with her family. She gets by with a little help from her friends (and coffee).


  • Women and moms definitely need to make their voices heard in this election. As far as I am concerned the entire political system needs a circle of moms, let’s call it the Mom Cabinet, to keep the politicians in line and get this country back in shape!

  • Emily – Yes! We need more people in general engaging with politics but especially moms! They are the heart of the family and their vote is crucial.

  • Emily, you nailed it, sister! We moms do know best and the politicians ARE acting like toddlers! So funny, but sadly so true. We do have an important job next month! Loved this!

  • Now that you mention it… they do seem like fighting toddlers but I think most toddlers behave better 😉 Thank you for the reminder of how important each and every voter is.

  • Thank you for sharing Emily. I love politics and am passionate about having my voice be heard, specially now as a mother as I want a better world for my son.

  • I’ve never been into politics but this is my first election as a mom and it definitely changes things for me!

  • Thank you. This is a much needed “other side of the coin” for the other article titled “No, I Don’t Have to Vote”. Glad “Her View From Home” posted both!