You came into this world faster than expected. You were ready, we weren’t. Contractions started in the late afternoon on that hot July day. The sweet man in our hospital waiting room wheeled me up to your delivery floor. He wanted to talk so much. He wanted to know what your name would be and how excited I was to meet you. I was so excited, sweet girl. But the pain was something I had never before experienced. And I couldn’t speak. I could hardly breathe. 

You made your entrance known just two hours later. You were perfect. 

I knew you were beautiful the moment they placed you in my arms. All mothers do. I expected your face to be squishy or head to be discolored just a bit. But you came out with no marks. No bruises. Just pure beauty.

You haven’t changed.

I wondered about you. “How can my heart love this tiny being as much as I love your sister?”  It did, of course. It does, of course. Somehow the love of a mama’s heart continues to expand. I can’t explain the love, my darling. I have no idea where it comes from. But it’s strong. It’s powerful. It’s something I hope and pray someday you’ll be able to experience, too.

5 years have passed. You’ve grown so much. You were a cuddly baby. You used to let me rock you for hours at a time. Your tiny hands would pull my hair or my shirt or anything near. Now your hands hold my hands as we walk across the street. I love being able to hold your hand. I’ll take any moment to be near you.

You love your big sister. It’s a strong, powerful, beautiful, protected kind of love. I can tell. I know that love, well. You wait for her to wake up so you can play together. You want to sit next to her while watching a movie, across from her at the dinner table, and within arm’s reach in the car. You two bicker, too; just a little. That’s normal. But don’t let it ever get in the way of your friendship. A sister’s love is an incredible gift. You’ll cherish that love for the rest of your life. 

You’re so independent. That characteristic will take you far in this life. Confidence usually coincides with an independent woman. Trust me, baby girl. You are always enough. Keep that confidence strong. 

You’ll fall, of course. It hurts to fall. Your heart will break and your bruises will be painful. But I promise you my sweet girl, each time your heart breaks, my heart will break more. I’ll be there for you always. And on the day I’m no longer by your side, I’ll be in your heart. Never forget. 

You’ve reached a big milestone. 5 years old. Your baby face is turning into a beautiful young girl. You’re getting ready to take on this big world. I’m excited for you to learn and grow and discover all the wonderful just waiting for you. There is so much wonderful. Even in the dark moments and there will be dark moments, the wonderful wins. 

It always does.

Keep your faith strong. Keep your kindness unmatched. Keep your friendships beautiful. Keep your smiles bright. Learn all you can. Meet new people and discover new lands. You’ll be amazed how much the people in this world can teach you. But don’t forget to stay true to yourself. You only need to please God. Remember that. The rest will fall into place. 

I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you. You’re a strong young lady growing in an incredible world. I wonder what you’ll see in your lifetime. It will be miraculous, of this I’m certain. 

Baby girl, the past 5 years have been incredible. My heart is full and my love for you is never-ending. It’s an honor to be your mama. 

Happy 5th birthday sweet girl. Cheers to many, man more.


A Letter to My 5-Year-Old

Leslie Means

Leslie is the founder and owner of Her View From She is also a former news anchor, published children’s book author, weekly columnist, and has several published short stories as well. She is married to a very patient man. Together they have three fantastic kids.  When she’s not sharing too much personal information online and in the newspaper – you’ll find Leslie somewhere in Nebraska hanging out with family and friends. There’s also a 75% chance at any given time, you’ll spot her in the aisles at Target.