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To the mom who’s tired, I see you. To the mom trying her best, I see you too. To the mom who lost her cool today, I see you.

I am you.

We’re tired. We’re overstimulated. And we’re exhausted.

We wake up in the morning and before we can even wipe the night’s sleep from our eyes someone needs us.

The needing never stops.

We get the children ready for daycare and make sure they’re presentable. Lord forbid the children aren’t dressed properly because then everyone will think we’re slacking. We pack their lunches and get them breakfast. All while we spend 15 minutes getting ourselves ready and fly out the doorclothes wrinkled, no makeup, hair a mess, and starving.

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We get to work and someone there needs us too. Then the day ends, and it’s time to pick up the kids. Even though the morning was hard, we still missed them. Now it’s time to cook supper, tidy up the house, bathe the kids, and put them to bed.

As working parents, we spend maybe four hours a weekday with our kids. And the day is gone. Soon it will be years gone; we can’t get that time back.

Most days we feel rushed. Most days we feel stressed.

That’s when the mom guilt creeps in.

Will they remember how stressed mommy was today? Will they remember mommy yelling?

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They won’t. They’ll remember how you combed their hair, helped them get dressed, feed them, bathed them, and showed them love in a different way.

God chose you to be their mama because you can handle it. Even on what feels like your worst day, they still love you.

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Savannah Hadden

I'm a wife and mother raising two daughters, ages four and two while adjusting to life after losing my mother and grandpa within a short time. I never would have dreamed my life would be how it is now . . . I am continuously grieving the death of my mother with two small children at home, while trying to remain strong for my family. I'm just trying to be a great mother while being motherless.

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