Hey there, you. Yes. You. Yassssss. You. I am, indeed, pointing my virtual finger at you. Come on over here, just for a sec.

Are you feeling a little doldrumish? A little on the outs with your mojo? Are you feeling a slump coming on? Or perhaps you’ve been in one for awhile and you just can’t shake the feeling of it creeping around and following you everywhere?!

I get you, friend. Sometimes I find myself in the dumps and I can really get out the decorations and the party hats and celebrate my pity. And that’s okay. Sometimes we all have to do that. But what about when we’re ready to move on from that? What do we do to shake the shitties out?

Well, I’m not a trained doctor. I do not have a degree in Happiness. Or contentedness. Or even, in Happy Meals. But I do have some tried and true methods for giving happiness the right soul to grow in. The right garden for a free-ness to flourish in.

So, my friend, why not give these 5 things a chance this week? A chance to boost your happy quotient. To make you feel more alive within your life.

5 ways to boost your happy this week:

1. 150 minutes. It sounds like a lot when I say it like that, perhaps but truly, moving your body 150 minutes per week is proven to safeguard your bod against all the bad stuff. And, the endorphins produced when you work your heart and mind will release happy bubbles into your brain and move them throughout your body. So, 30 minutes, 5 days. Whether it’s walking, dancing, yogaing, or thigh mastering, moving can make you smile. And, it’s also “me” time if you’re doing it alone, win/win/win.

2. Bone if you want to. Friends. I know, especially my female friends… you are too _____ to have sex every night. Or every other night. Or even once a month. But here’s the thing about sex, it also releases endorphins in your body. It connects you to that person you are sharing your bed with. And it makes them want to be nicer to you. Haven’t boned in awhile? Why not make the magic happen this week? It doesn’t need to be a marathon. Just enough to know that you still like it. And if you just can’t… think about why and discuss that reason or reasons with your partner. Being honest and open will help your mind be put at ease. Eased mind=happy mind.

3. Have one family meal. We eat most meals around the table. It’s what works for us. It’s one of our priorities. Not everyone wants meals around the table or it doesn’t work with scheduling, logistics. But what if you planned one night, even if it’s cereal night with disposable bowls, and ate around the table this week. You put your phone away. You ask each other how your days were. And at the end, everyone throws their trash away and the mess isn’t even an issue. A family meal will help you feel more connected and less like you’re simply there to make everyone else happy.

4. Text or call someone you are missing. Has it been too long and/or you just keep missing someone who you are always filled up by when you talk? Call or text them and let them know that you miss them, that you love them, that they are one of your favorite people. Connecting with the people who make us happy can also make us feel alive! Win. Win.

5. Catch up on your fave show. I know, TV should not bring us happiness. But dudes, it does. Are you out of touch with your Real Housewife crowd? Maybe you have 4 “this is us” episodes on your DVR? Perhaps you’re not even aware that “good girls revolt” is available on Hulu. Don’t feel bad about taking some time to veg and shut out the world. You’ll feel better after laughing or crying and you’ll feel like you did a little something for you… without even having to leave the house.

So go for it, friends. Try these 5 things this week and by next Sunday, I bet you’ll be even just a smudge smiliier. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I thought so.

What are your go-to to-dos when you are having a rough go? What do you do to try to make sure your Mondays don’t follow you through the whole week?

Ashli Brehm

Ashli Brehm = Thirtysomething. Nebraska gal. Life blogger. Husker fan. Creative writer. Phi Mu sister. Breast cancer survivor. Boymom. Premie carrier. Happy wife. Gilmore Girls fanatic. Amos Lee listener. Coffee & La Croix drinker. Sarcasm user. Jesus follower. Slipper wearer. Funlover. Candle smeller. Yoga doer. Pinterest failer. Anne Lamott reader. Tribe member. Goodness believer. Life enthusiast. Follow me at http://babyonthebrehm.com/