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Some days are heavy. Some weeks, months, and years are heavy. 

This year has been a hard year for my family, and it took some time for me to describe the feeling that hits me randomly every day. Today, I was sitting on my couch, putting in another grocery order, removing things yet again to fit our ever-dwindling budget and the word heavy came to mind, and it fits so well to describe this year.

My heart is heavy.

The weight I am carrying is heavy. The always-increasing grocery costs are heavy. The medical conditions, medical debt, and doctor appointments are heavy. 

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The constant wondering where the food will come from, how we will pay our bills, what we will do when the money runs out, And where will we be in a year, are so heavy. 

But in the heaviness of life, I have been learning that Jesus carries that weight with us if we let Him. He walks alongside and helps carry the heavy. He makes sure that even though life is heavy, we are taken care of. He is loving me through the heavy, and that is how I continue to keep going, knowing this heavy won’t always be so heavy. And that while it is right now, He is there to help me along the way and He takes some of the weight when that weight just feels too much for me to keep carrying myself. 

He is carrying me through the heavy.

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If you’re going through the heavy like me right now, allow Him to help carry some of that weight, girl. Rest in Him, knowing that this heavy isn’t forever and that while it is, He can walk through this with you and lessen the load of all the heaviness. 

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Amanda Kilgore

Amanda is a homeschool mama of three and a wife to her best friend of 16 years. She enjoys cooking, gardening, exploring the outdoors, and keeping her family healthy through natural living. Lover of Jesus, coffee, and a good TV show with a comfy blanket after the babies are in bed. She is passionate about raising awareness about child abuse and mental health struggles and hopes that sharing her story openly will help others.

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