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I want you to have the most fun possible at your tiny playground stars program, so I wipe the slides.

I don’t want you to have a meltdown if your clothes get wet while I’m gone, so I wipe the slides.

I want to have three precious hours of only managing your little sister, so I wipe the slides.

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I don’t want you to feel embarrassed by a big reaction to wet clothes when I’m not there to help you, so I wipe the slides.

I want you to grow in your gross motor skillsclimbing, running, and jumpingso I wipe the slides.

I don’t want you to feel limited by a silly thing like water that can easily be solved, so I wipe the slides.

I want you to see that I care about your needs and feelings even if it’s just the smallest bit of moisture on your shorts, so I wipe the slides.

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I don’t want your sensitivity to being messy exposed to your peers, who are most likely running around carelessly with damp bottoms, so I wipe the slides.

I want a few extra minutes of watching you engage with your friends to make sure everything is going okay, so I wipe the slides.

I don’t want to be a helicopter parent who has to make everything perfect for their child, but I wipe the slides anyway. 

I want the best for you at all times, so I’ll wipe the slides until you need me to do something else.


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Diane Senjem

Diane Senjem is a stay-at-home mom with two small girls and a horribly shedding Labradoodle. 

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