I applaud you stay at home moms.

You’ve spent countless hours helping with homework, doing the dishes, carpooling to every recital.

You’ve lost track of the nights you stayed up worrying till your child came home.

Or the number of football games you’ve cheered at throughout the years.

You’ve made so many pancakes before school, they could stack to the moon.

You’ve selflessly cut out the things that one income families cannot budget in.

But it was all worth it, you say. All the laundry and PTA meetings, all the budget tightening.

I applaud you.


I applaud you working mothers.

You get up before the sun rises to get yourself ready, because you know that little girl’s hair isn’t going to curl itself.

You’ve mastered the art of meal prep, because you know sometimes the work day doesn’t end at five.

You put in 8 hours of work and then come home to more demands, but yet, you smile.

You tirelessly try to prefect the delicate balance that is motherhood and your career.

But it was all worth it, you say. All the scheduling and rescheduling, all the late nights and early mornings.

I applaud you.


There is no one way to be a mother.

There is no correct way

Or better way.

There is simply what you must do to make it work. To make ends meet. To keep the peace. To raise your children.

Let us applaud each other’s differences.

Let us value our diverse capabilities.

Motherhood is not a competition. It is a privilege.

Katherine Kring

My name is Katherine Kring, although most people call me Kaile. You can blame my parents for the confusing two name situation. I was born in Lincoln, NE and raised in Minden, a small farming community in central Nebraska. I have adorably, in love parents and two siblings, one older brother and one younger sister. Growing up it was apparent that I was kind of the odd man out. Both of my siblings are very blonde, athletic and competitive...and then there's me. I enjoy singing, theater, speech, writing, and reading. And unfortunately, do not have blonde hair. After high school, I ventured off to the big city of Omaha, NE where my, then boyfriend, was stationed with the Airforce (He is now my Airforce husband and I have since followed him to Ohio.) I attended Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Allied Health in Omaha and pursued a career in Respiratory Care. I now get to have the initials RRT after my name because I am officially a Registered Respiratory Therapist. My hubby and I live in Ohio with our two crazy, hyper dogs. We love to binge watch netflix, go antiquing, and travel. I also love my Lord, Jesus Christ and enjoy attending our church and reading my bible.