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There’s just something about a grandma.

She’s always prepared. Whether it’s gum in her purse or soup dropped off by your door because you’re not feeling well, she’s always there.

There’s the way she makes you feel like you’re the most special person in the world.

There’s something about a grandma in the way that everything she touches is just better. Duplicate a recipe that she’s made for years? It’ll be good, but not nearly as good as hers. There’s just something in her touch.

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She magically has the answers to all of your questions and answers them with thoughtful careweighing the impact of each word before she sends it into the air. She knows the value and magnitude of each one.

She magically appears whenever you’re in a bind. Whether it’s a sick kid needing to be picked up or a word of encouragement, she’s always there.

You’re never far from her thoughts, she’ll show up with something she just knew was made for you. There’s just something about a grandma who knows you through and through. 

The years of love and faith show on her hands and face, but there’s never been a doubt that in her heart is where her prayers have been poured out for each one she loves dearly. She walks her faith and passes it on through her words and actions.

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Watching her, you know exactly how you want to be when it’s your turn to be someone’s grandma. You’ll want to imitate the best parts of her. You’ll show up and fill gaps when needed. You’ll be the place they want to go to get away. They’ll want to turn to you for answers and know you won’t lead them astray. They’ll want those things because you’ve learned from the best, and now it’s your turn to show them the way. 

Yes, there’s just something about a grandma that lets you know she’s one of the greatest treasures your heart will ever hold.

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