As I may have mentioned before, ahem, despite a global pandemic and a world that requires a ninja warrior-esque agility to make it through each day, Christmas is not cancelled! Nope, 2020 can’t take away the miracle and wonder of Christ’s birth from us. And as advertisers have proved, it also can’t take away the inspiring, tear-jearking holiday advertisements we all love and neeeeeed. So from McDonald’s to Amazon, I say on behalf of us all, “Keep rolling that beautiful film!”

Because you guys, the latest holiday advertisement to tug at your heartstrings might just break them it’s so good!

And it’s from a Dutch pharmaceutical company of all companies. But whatever, at this point I don’t care, if it’s warm, fuzzy, and brings me hope, BRING. IT. ON.

The ad’s creator, Doc Morris, released the two and a half-minute film last week, and it’s going crazy viral on Faacbook for good reason. Like all good cinema, it hooks us in the beginning and keeps us guessing until the end.

The holiday ad follows an elderly gentleman who starts a new and rigorous fitness regimen featuring a rather heavy weight. Day after day, we see him wake to an alarm and struggle to complete his workout. We see neighbors, family, and friends give him a healthy dose of side-eye as he pursues some unseen, possibly insane goal.

And then, finally, we see what that hefty weight represents.

And we get it.


Oh, how we cry!

During this time when health is at the forefront of all of our minds, I love the way that this ad reminds us that taking care of our health is not just for us. What I do doesn’t just affect me. Keeping myself physically and mentally healthy to the best of my ability is a gift for those who love me. Even when I am older, and they aren’t dependent on me any longer, my health will still have extreme value to the people in my life.


So, thanks, Doc Morris, for the reminder. And thanks for a little more joy in 2020. May we all have beautiful moments like this waiting around the corner.

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Jenny Rapson

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