The split second after finding out I was going to be a mom, the questions started flooding my brain. What do I need to do next? Am I feeling the right symptoms? Am I doing the right things to prepare?

It’s inevitable—mom life comes with lots of questions and needed help. And whether you’re a veteran mom or you’ve never done it before, it can be overwhelming just trying to figure out where to find answers to those questions that are keeping you up at night.

And that’s where mom friends come in. Sure, your doctors are helpful and your mom is a wealth of knowledge, but mom friends, they’re the secret sauce. The ones you can go to at all hours of the day and night, and without judgment. The ones that will tell you when your worries are worth it and when they’re not worth another second of thought.

It’s hard to find the words to describe how special these friends are, but one thing that’s for certain—we owe them thanks.

Thank you for telling me it’ll be OK.

When I’m worried the new sleep pattern will never get better or the ear infections will never end, thank you for telling me it will be OK. Thank you for listening to me when I just need to vent and feel sorry for myself some days, and for not discounting my feelings, regardless of how sleep-deprived I sound. Your endless reassurance is what gets me through the days that feel endless, and over every hurdle that comes my way.

Thank you for telling me I’m doing a good job.

Some days I feel like World’s Number One Mom. And some days I feel like World’s Most Confused and Unprepared Mom. But either way, you make me feel like I’m capable and ready for anything ahead. When I have something to celebrate, you celebrate with me. And when I have something that’s not going the way I planned or had wanted, you remind me there’s still so much to celebrate. I do a good job because I have you.

Thank you for offering to help.

There may be days I’m calling nonstop, screaming from the rooftops, asking for your help. And you call, you come and you swoop in to save the day. I am grateful for your answers to “When do I transition to solid foods?” and “How long will this teething last?” and everything in between. And even when I say I’m just fine and I have got it all figured out, thank you for offering to help anyway. Even when I may not be asking for your help, I’m learning from you and grateful for you.

Thank you for being my friend.

Our lives may be currently inundated with being Mom, but above all, you’re my friend. Thank you for being there for me from the beginning and to the end. Thank you for your compassion, patience and love. You are the special person that may be behind the scenes, but is always forefront in my mind and in my heart.

To my friends—I hear you, I’m with you and I’m endlessly thankful for you.

Molly McKnight

I'm a first-time, full-time working mom, with a passion for helping women by sharing our stories. Currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband and son.