They loved you. Instantly. That’s the first thing I want you to know. They didn’t know there were plans for you. But it didn’t mean you weren’t every piece of what they wanted.

Your mom had to adjust to the idea. Because we women… We plan. And try to control. But you knew better. You knew you were meant for your family’s story.

Yes. They may have gotten out of the mix of the baby phase. And may have sold the crib and the stroller. But we also know, as seasoned parents, that all you’re really gonna need is some sort of sustenance and diapers. Everything else is just security. Helpful. But not necessary.

You might wonder if you were a surprise. Yes. Every baby is though, really. Every baby is a whole thing in and of itself. A new person to know. Another one who wins your affection. Another one who makes your family complete. So not an oops. Not a mistake. But a surprise? Yes.

But they never, for a moment loved the idea of you any less. You are the one that God knew they needed even when they didn’t think they were “there” anymore.

They didn’t know it until you were here. How much you were missing. And then, they wondered how they ever existed as a unit without you.

You were loved from the start. Even in getting used to the surprise of it all. Everyone was so happy you were coming. And that you had broken through. To make sure you got on this earth.

They loved you every minute. Never ever question that or wonder otherwise. Never think you were an afterthought. Never think you were a hardship or unwanted. You were just the “baby later.”

The best surprise they ever received.

Ashli Brehm

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