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To the Christian mom with anxiety,

You’ve been told to pray harder. 

You’ve been told there’s nothing to be afraid of as long as you believe in Him and live a life full of faith.

And you’ve thought, What’s wrong me, Lord?

You pray every morning, night, and when you can in the middle of the chaotic day. 

You read your Bible every day and attend church every Sunday. 

You’ve read all that you can about living with anxiety as a Christian.

You know what the Bible says about fear and you trust Him, you really do.

So, what’s the matter with you, sister?

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Let me tell you something, mama, your faith may be strong but your body is weak.  

We live in broken bodies that sometimes fail us, and we live in a broken world that adds to all of the worry. (You may even have a chemical imbalance in your brain that is contributing to it.)

You get anxious over the little things because, in your brain, they’re big things. 

You fret over the future and if you’re making the right choices for your children.

Your mind wanders and goes off on a tangent of thoughts in the middle of the night. The slightest noise can get your imagination going, which leads to worry.

Your heart races when your children start fighting or screaming. 

You’ve got anxiety, sis. It’s a real medical condition and a physical brokenness in our bodies.

I know, because I’ve got it too, mama.

And while the enemy would have me believe my faith is weak, I cling to God even more because of it. 

When the anxiety sets in, I pray even more.

When my heart starts racing, I fall to my knees in worship.

When my mind starts racing, I cling to my Bible.

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I’m a Christian with anxiety.

And you, sweet mama, you can still be a Christian with anxiety too. You’re not alone, just keep your eyes on Him. 

Yours truly,
A praying mama with anxiety 

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page

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Courtney Devich

Courtney Devich is the author of "Mama's Got Anxiety," and she relies on Jesus and reheated coffee every day. Using humor, honesty, and relatability in her writing, she writes with a heart for the mama struggling with anxiety and depression. Courtney is a former human resources professional, using her leadership skills to manage kids as a stay-at-home mom. You can find her in the Starbucks line at her local Target, binge-watching TV with her husband, or chasing after a kid (or two) at her home in Michigan.

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