I was the only mom at the park today. For about 45 minutes, I looked around and saw five dads and grandpas come and go with their little ones. At one point, another mom came but injured her foot. She called her husband, and he came within minutes to help her out.

These guys weren’t staring at their phones or even sitting on the easily accessible park benches (like I was). They were fully present with their kids, laughing with them, instructing them, and just enjoying time with them.

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It was so refreshing. And I just wanted to say . . .

Thanks, dads. Thanks for continuing to change the narrative about fatherhood and manliness.

You guys may talk a little louder, tickle a little harder, and push a little higher, but the way you make their eyes light up shows you’re doing it just right. And the way you stoop down to look into those eyes and make sure they’re OK or teach them to play fairly shows you’re an excellent role model.

Thanks for showing, firsthand, that you can still be 100% masculine and 100% sensitive and loving.

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Thanks for demonstrating to our boys and girls that real manliness is both strong and gentle and that kindness, empathy, and respect toward others are vital traits for all humans—male or female, big or small.

This world needs more men of character who show up for their kids and model for them how to show up for others.

It needs imperfect men who aren’t afraid to come as they are for their kids and are always willing to grow alongside them.

So thanks, dads. Thanks for showing up at the park today. Your presence is changing this world for the better, one adoring kid at a time.

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