I see you there on the floor, in your dirty shirt and your messy hair. Picking up toys for the third time today. You were down there scrubbing out a juice stain earlier this morning, too. I know you thought that nobody saw you, that nobody noticed. But I did.

Did you know that I have always seen you? From the time I created and knit you together in your mother’s womb, I have had the greatest plans for your life. Plans that included this busy season of you sitting on the floor surrounded by toys and sippy cups. A future filled with greatness that is found in baskets of laundry and changing dirty diapers, sweeping up Goldfish and scrubbing toilets. And feeling very invisible.

And while you may seem invisible to the rest of the world, do you not know that I call you by name? You are Mine, my precious child. I love you and there is nothing that can separate you from My love. While you may feel forgotten in the midst of your day in and day out, caught in the flurry of all of the things you have to do, I have not forgotten the promise I made to you. The promise that even though your days seem impossible to get through I will make it possible through my strength. 

And I know your mind is so overwhelmed right now with all of the unseen things you do. But did you know that your thoughts are precious to me? I know each idea that has passed through your mind, every feeling you have experienced. Even the ones you might be embarrassed for thinking or ashamed of for feeling as you do your seemingly mundane tasks. I still hold them close to my heart because your mind matters to me. I long to take each of your thoughts captive and fill them with more of Myself—reminding you that who you are in Me is more than enough to get you through the hardest of days.

Not only does your mind matter, but so do your tears. Oh my precious child, I have seen your invisible tears. The tears that come as you calm another tantrum, as you make another meal, as you get up to rock the baby in the middle of the night, and as you stand in the mirror and wonder who you have become. Your tears are so precious to me. I collect them in my hands, I carry them in my heart. The tears in these hidden moments of motherhood are not in vain. Do you know in these hidden moments I am pulling you in closer to Me? Growing and refining you, empowering you with My strength and love. Oh, how I long to meet you in these invisible moments. I long to give you the peace you yearn for, to calm your anxious heart.

And my daughter, when you feel the most invisible . . . when you feel like your days don’t matter and your labor of love for your family is in vain . . . I delight in you. I rejoice over you in singing! Your obedience in serving your family is beautiful to me. And in your days that you seem the most invisible, I will continue to seek you. Pursue your precious heart. I will continue to see you. Keep looking for Me. For it is in the most invisible times of your life that I will be the most easily found. And always meeting you with grace.


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in your days that you seem the most invisible, I will continue to seek you. Pursue your precious heart. I will continue to see you. Keep looking for Me.

Lauren Eberspacher

I'm Lauren and I'm a work-in-progress farmer's wife, coffee addict, follower of Jesus and a recovering perfectionist. When I don't have my three kids attached at my hip, you can find me bringing meals into the fields, dancing in my kitchen, making our house a home, and chatting over a piece of pie with my girl friends. I'm doing my best to live my life intentionally seeking all that God has for me and my family. Follow me at: www.fromblacktoptodirtroad.com From Blacktop to Dirt Road on Facebook laurenspach on Instagram