To the momma just barely getting by, I see you. 

You’ve made an art form of surviving. Whether you have one child or nine, the signs are all the same.

All the needs are almost crushing.

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All the noise is almost maddening.

All the sameness of every day is most tiring, except for when there’s an appointment, then heaven help.

You remember way back when you longed for these kids and you even asked God to allow you the ability to stay home with them.

Somehow those pre-baby hopes and ambitions don’t meet the day-to-day realities.

But even among the milk messes, Blippi reruns, annoying squabbles, toys lying around, full-blown tantrums, dirty diapers, leaky trash bags, scattered snack wrappers, endless questions, and unreal amounts of laundry . . . you can still find that bit of sparkle in your little one’s eyes that keeps your head right above water.

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They know how to pull you into their world of wonder and love with their antics and hugs.

Though they make you crazy, you know they adore you even more. Flaws and all, they’re glad you’re their momma.

If we could ever so gently start letting our imaginary dream worlds slip out of our tight-fisted grips, we would have a much easier time seizing the moments of our perfectly imperfect days.

I’m learning. I know you can learn, too. Surviving isn’t all bad, but thriving in your calling is even better. Don’t ever forget you were made for this.

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Chelsie Verbal

Chelsie is blessed to be a homeschooling momma to five wild and wonderful youngins and a wife to her best friend. She loves to share about God’s goodness as she learns to journey through life joyfully. 

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