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I know what it is like to be the new girl.

To be scared to walk into a room because I don’t know anyone or to worry about who I will talk to as I stand awkwardly by myself.

So I have determined to do the best I can to make sure others don’t have to feel that way.

I want to make others feel welcomed and included.

I want them to feel special and seen and valued.

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So I work hard at this. I’m often reaching out to text a friend to say I am thinking of them or sending a note of encouragement in the mail.

I know God has gifted me with being able to encourage and love people.

But sometimes it gets tiring being the one to always reach out.

Sometimes it is exhausting to be the new person and to still be the one making the first move.

I am used to it and I am good at it and I won’t ever stop, but it is tiring.

So I just want to say, reach out to your extroverted friends. Check in on them.

Sometimes it is the friend who has the most friends who might be feeling lonely.

Sometimes they wonder if anyone is thinking of them the way they are always thinking of others.

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Sometimes they are just tired and need you to check in first.

Because that gives them the energy to keep going and being who God made them to be.

And they appreciate being valued and seen and encouraged, too.

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Natalie Howson Price

I live with my husband and two babes in Ontario, Canada.  I love to encourage others through my writing and believe that being vulnerable in my sharing can give others hope in their similar struggles.  

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