Ahhhhhhh! Fuller House is available on Netflix on February 26th and I have to say, I am more excited than a 1980s twelve year old was for a chockfull Caboodle and a night of TGIF.

In honor of Fuller House making its debut in just shy of a week, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Full House-isms and moments from the original series. Because what would a comeback be without reminiscing about Full House version 1.0?

The Top 10 Things I Loved About Full House

10. The first time we heard the voice of Mr. Woodchuck.

9. When DJ goes to prom with Steve

8. Uncle Jesse breaking his arms after a motorcycle accident

7. Rebecca Donaldson was from Nebraska

6. The first time we heard Michelle say, “You got it, dude”

5. The very first time Uncle Jesse kissed Rebecca

4. Stephanie dancing to Motown Philly and totally nailing it after she messed up

3. Joey’s infamous, “cut. it. out”

2. Stephanie saying, “How Rude.”

And of course, without question, the very best moment of the whole show…

1. Uncle Jesse singing “Forever” to Rebecca at their wedding

Gah! There are so many great memories… surely more than 10, right? It makes me want to put on my stirrup pants, layer up some scrunchy socks, and rock my hypercolor sweatshirt right now. If only all of life’s problems could still be resolved in a half hour…

Were you a Tanner Fanner? If so, what were your favorite moments from the original series? If you were a hater, what’s your beef?

Ashli Brehm

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