I’ve got a question for all you moms out there: Have you ever been late?

Yeah, me neither.

Just kidding!

We’ve all been there.

We have an appointment, a meeting, an event, or just a playdate, and we want to be on time. In fact, it often looks and feels like we’re going to be on time. We’ve planned ahead. We have everything in order, and we are ready to head out the door.

But then, without fail, the inevitable happens. Actually, it seems that a good number of inevitables happen. And we’re running late, again.

Being on time is important, but honestly, there are so many unavoidable incidents that occur in the life of a mother. Getting out the door just isn’t easy when you’re also in charge of other humans.

So, the next time you’re waiting on a mom, and she’s late, know that she wants to be there on time. She tried. She really did. She just ran into trouble with the unavoidable.

Here are 51 reasons a mom might be late:

  1. She lost her keys
  2. She lost her wallet
  3. She lost her phone
  4. She dropped her phone in the toilet
  5. She couldn’t find her other shoe
  6. Her son couldn’t find his shoe
  7. Her daughter refused to wear clothes
  8. She couldn’t find the baby’s binky
  9. Her son spilled his cereal in his lap
  10. The dog peed on the floor
  11. The toddler peed on the floor
  12. She sat in something wet
  13. The 3-year-old changed her outfit
  14. The 3-year-old changed her outfit again
  15. Her daughter’s sock didn’t feel quite right
  16. She had to nurse the baby one more time
  17. The baby pooped on her while nursing
  18. The baby spit up on her while nursing
  19. She fell asleep on the couch
  20. Her youngest had a tantrum
  21. Her youngest had another tantrum
  22. The baby was still sleeping
  23. She spilled coffee down her shirt
  24. Her only clean clothes were still in the dryer
  25. She couldn’t find ANY clean clothes
  26. The potty-training child had another accident
  27. The potty-training child wouldn’t get off the potty
  28. The potty-training child fell into the potty
  29. Her son is playing hide and seek (and she still can’t find him)
  30. The toddler can’t find her favorite lovey
  31. The toddler can’t find her second favorite lovey
  32. She had to chase down her runaway toddler
  33. Her son would not get out of the driver’s seat
  34. Her preteens were fighting over the front passenger seat
  35. She locked her keys in the house
  36. She had to go back in the house for the snacks
  37. The 2-year-old wouldn’t get in her carseat
  38. The 4-year-old tripped and skinned his knee
  39. Her 3-year-old wanted to do it “by myself”
  40. She tried to do just one more task before leaving the house
  41. She made an emergency stop for a diaper explosion
  42. She made an emergency stop to grab the lovey that fell on the car floor
  43. She made an emergency stop for caffeine
  44. She turned left instead of right
  45. She turned right instead of left
  46. She plain forgot where she was going
  47. She forgot she had plans
  48. She decided to slow down this morning
  49. She read one more book to her children
  50. She cuddled her baby without concern for the time
  51. She decided today was a good day to just stay home

Yes, we want to be on time, we really do.

If we’re late, please extend us a little grace.

The inevitable and unavoidable are always keeping us on our toes. And sometimes, it might just be that taking care of that is even more important than being on time.

Charissa Thonus

Charissa Thonus is a wife, mother of 3, and a former 5th grade teacher. Last year she decided to do something she had thought about doing for several years, she started a blog. Charissa writes to encourage moms to live a full life without all the busy. You can follow her on her blog