Back in the day I used to lifeguard for a YMCA in Denver, and each week a local synchronized swimming team would come and practice for upcoming competitions. I was always mesmerized by how they could tread water with the greatest of ease. They would perform intricate routines that requires great full body strength and strong lungs. It was breathtaking to watch. Need a good workout? Try heading to a local pool, jump into the deep end and tread water for a few minutes. 

In reality, we are always treading water in one way or another. It’s up to us how we do it. Everyday we hit our alarm clock, crawl out of bed and get ready to face the day.

Treading water with grace

From that moment we are treading water. Some days it’s effortless, and we hardly seem out of breath. Other days we are struggling to find our rhythm and we end up getting hit by the waves surrounding us and they ruthlessly smack us in the face. And then there are the days that we feel completely defeated, exhausted and treading water just isn’t cutting it. We are forced to change positions and start swimming or just simply float. How do we handle those situations? How do we react to others during our time of exhaustion of feelings of defeat? 

Envision yourself in a giant ocean, surrounded by your life circumstances and daily happenings. Take the time to recognize the soft waves that simply move you along with ease. Scope out the horizon for approaching or present tidal waves that knock the wind out of you. Can you see them…feel them? Now think about how you will handle them. Tread water, swim, float, dive down deep and swim under them?

Each moment, circumstance, conversation, or responsibility will begin with treading water. We must learn how to let go and tread water with grace. Struggling to keep our head above water is not the best way to maneuver through our oceans. I speak to myself as much as I speak to you.

In this massive ocean we all face each day, I encourage you to give yourself permission to move freely and with grace. 

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Jennifer Beck

Jennifer is someone who always has a smile to give! She enjoys writing about a variety of topics that woman can relate to and hopes to be an encouragement to others. She enjoys Mexican food, spending quality time with family and friends, watching musicals, traveling, and trying new recipes. Adventures have taken her to five different countries most of which were to serve others and share her faith in God. She now enjoys the good life in Nebraska and enjoys working with children. Creativity is another passion she has whether it's photography, painting, or crafting she is always seeing things from a unique perspective.