I don’t get a lot of time to focus. In the noise and work and need of motherhood, it’s hard finding the time I’d like to get down on my knees and pray like I used to. There are few blocks of time when I know I won’t be interrupted and so, in the quiet moments, I pray.

I pray while I do the dishes. When my hands are busy and my family sees I’m not entirely available, I say a prayer of gratitude for the food on our table and the time spent with my family. I thank God for another meal spent with my children.

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I pray in the shower. I have faith that God knows why I pray here though it may seem disrespectful to some. It’s one of the only times I can (mostly) count on not being interrupted and being given sole ownership of my thoughts.

This is my big prayer of the dayduring this time that is just mine.

I pray for guidance in raising my kids. I pray for forgiveness for my shortcomings and for the strength to do better. I pray for my family both near and far, for health and comfort and peace for those I love. I pray over the things that have been worrying me. I thank God for the life I have.

I pray as I check on my children before heading to bed myself. I pray a child’s prayer, for God to watch over us in our sleep and bless us with another day together. I pray for happiness for my children. I pray for the wisdom to know what they need from me and the ability to provide it for them.

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I pray as I head off to work. In the car, I pray for patience during the day, for the energy to get done all the things I need to do, for help in showing others grace and kindness. I thank God for the job that provides for my family and for another day spent taking care of them.

At times, I feel guilty for praying like I do.

For not taking the time to kneel and fold my hands and close my eyes and say the prayers I used to. But I remember all the times in the Bible that God and his angels met women where they were. When they were met at the well or in the garden because they were there doing their work. I have faith that God sees me, sees the things I do for my family, and understands that this time of my life is not one of quiet and rest. I have faith that He’s there for me, wherever I am. I still need Him even in the midst of all that needs to be done.

And so, in the quiet moments, I pray.

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