This is what your wife wants for Valentine’s Day:

She wants a break.

A few hours or a massage (when the kids are awake—this should not be during nap time). This should not cut into the little reprieve she gets, this should be extra.

A night away at a hotel would be ideal. Could be a mile down the road.

Uninterrupted sleep, TV, and snacks will do wonders for a woman who eats last and gets to dream very little.

She wants to know you think she deserves it, that you see how hard she works. That you notice everything she does to make your household run—everything she does to make you and your children feel loved and taken care of.

She wants to know that if you could, you would give her the world and that you’ll never stop trying.

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She wants to be made to feel important because very often she might feel overlooked.

This Valentine’s Day, she wants to know that you feel lucky to have her.

And there’s not a piece of jewelry that can do that.

It doesn’t have to come with candles and roses. It doesn’t need to be extravagant.

You just need to tell her.

This post originally appeared on I’m That Wife: Marriage & Motherhood

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