When I was raising my children, my life was always a burst of activity. I had a full-time job, and I rushed and forth from work, trying to squeeze in as much time with my kids as possible. Something fun happened every day. I loved every moment of it, and the days seemed to fly by.

Before I knew it, the kids were off to college. They graduated and found jobs, got married, and then began raising families.

Before becoming a grandma, I would sit and listen to my friends talk about how wonderful it was to have grandchildren. They proudly shared photographs of them, and I could only guess when it came to my turn how amazing it would be.

When my daughter Christine became a mother, I was the first to hold this granddaughter in my arms. When she looked at me with her big blue eyes, it was love at first sight! My heart was now firmly in the palm of her tiny hand.

I felt the same way when a set of identical twin boys arrived to my daughter-in-law and my son, Chris. Each one was so precious in his or her unique way. It’s astonishing how such small scraps of humanity can bring so much joy and happiness—but they do. I have found the reality of being a grandma far more wonderful than I ever imagined.

Now, with time and wisdom on my side, I can enjoy spending time with my fast-growing grandkids.

My burly husband melts like a marshmallow in their hands. There is joy in my heart when I observe the love between them. It is such pleasure to watch them as they walk hand in hand. Seeing him with my son, teaching the twins to ride a tricycle warms my heart. And when one of the little ones curls up in his lap, it brings back tender memories of when the twins’ dad was small.

As my son still tells me, “You know what, Mom, I think you had us so that you could one day be a nana and grandpa!”

To this day, I thank God for the gift of being a grandparent. I think it’s one of His best inventions ever!

Teresa Martin

I am the mother of two sons, and graduate of Norwich University in Early Childhood Education and is presently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have published in Guideposts, Chicken Soup for the Soul and has contributed to an article on Caring.com with Melanie Haiken. Teresa has published in several anthologies about family matters.