We have long been able to count on Saturday Night Live to bring us Christmas cheer with hilariously “real life” Christmas sketches, and this year they’ve nailed it AGAIN! I kid you not, you guys, this one depicts Christmas morning MOM LIFE so accurately that it had me and my husband cry-laughing as we sat in line for grocery pickup! 

SNL alum Kristen Wiig hosted this week and played a “Christmas morning mom” to the HILT, and the laugh she provides is the REAL gift to moms everywhere.

Her hysterical “good cheer” attitude when there are multiple exciting gifts under the tree for EVERYONE but her gives way to resignation in the most MOMMIEST of ways ever. She should win an Emmy for her facial expressions alone!

You’ve got to check it out!

“Thanks for the robe! It’s really really nice. I love this robe, guys . . . this is great.”


This sketch points out the reality that exists in most of our homes on Christmas morning: mom has done all the work and has the least to show for it after. But of course, most moms will tell you we would (and will!) do it over and over again every year because when it comes down to it, we love making Christmas magic for our families that darn much.

But gosh, it’s pretty flipping hilarious to see it depicted on screen like this! When the DOG gets his presents . . . I thought I couldn’t laugh any more, and I totally lost it! Too real man. Too. Real.

I love Kenan Thompson’s voiceover at the end, as he reminds kids and husbands, “Your mom does everything for your family. This year, get her more than one present. Moms like stuff too.” Ha! We hate to have to spell it out that clearly for you, but . . . 

It’s true. Moms DO like stuff, too. At least I know I do.

Alas, cliché as it may be, my favorite part of Christmas morning is watching the surprise flutter across my kids’ faces as they see what they’ve got under the tree.

What can I say? I’m just that basic! What’s your favorite part of Christmas morning?

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Jenny Rapson

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