The love of grandparents in a child’s life is irreplaceable. I have such fond memories of spending time at my grandparent’s home. They had special toys they would bring out just for us whenever we came to visit. Grandpa would pile us into his pickup truck for a breakfast out. Grandma would play restaurant or put our hair in curlers. Grandpa would take us out on his boat or chase us up the stairs. They’d put us in our Sunday best, and we’d worship together, too. Though I’ve buried a few of my grandparents already, the memories remain close to my heart and bring me great joy.

The impact my grandparents made on my life is deeper than they probably ever thought it would be.

As I raise my own children, I am confident the role my parents and in-laws play is vital in my children’s lives, too. I am not talking about just asking them to babysit. This is about the time spent together, and the investment grandparents are making in our children. Passing along their faith. Teaching them values and how to do things for themselves. Showing them how to help others and be a blessing.

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What I’ve noticed is that my children feel like they are the center of the universe when Grandpa is in the room, or when Grandma sits down to play with them, or when Grammie comes each week for a few hours while mommy and daddy are off at work. And our kids even go to Grammie when they are frustrated or feeling sad. Grandparents are trusted confidantes. The unconditional love given to them by their grandparents is radical and beautiful.

The impact our parents are making on our children is deeper than we’ll ever understand. And I know this because I have experienced that firsthand with my own grandparents.

A couple of years ago, we took a leap and invited Grammie to come on vacation with us.

Would she even want to come with our crazy chaotic family?! She was thrilled to be asked and excited to not only spend time with the grandkids but us, too. My mom is not pushy or controlling but simply comes along for the joy ride. She makes the trip even more fun for everyone. And she’s a huge help, of course, bringing another needed set of hands to help out. Because, truly, it takes a village. When it comes to taking trips, we always ask Grandma to come along now, and frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. My hope is that she cherishes this time just as much as our kids do. And just as much as my husband and I do.

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Sometimes, people look at us like we have three heads when we tell them Grammie comes along on most of our vacations, but we couldn’t imagine it any other way. Every family is unique and different, and it’s no easy task to coordinate traveling together, so we take the humbling and loving steps to make it work. And it has only brought us closer together as a family while giving our kids countless fun experiences and new memories with their grandparents. Memories I pray they’ll hold as treasures in their hearts all their lives.

Pamela Palmer

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