We’re going back to normal.

We’re experiencing the worst wave yet.

It’s hard to hold the conflicting headlines and new data and work them into a cohesive truth, much less a prescription for life post-COVID. Are we even post-anything yet? Sources disagree.

I’m overwhelmed by news, opinions, and fears, and fatigued by uncertainty.

I know my friends are, too.

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We transition to sharing spaces while navigating new variants and old arguments, and we wake up every morning with 7,000 reasons to be divided.

There’s only one thing I know: I’m not letting go of my friends, no matter how many forces try to pull us apart.

If there’s a virus at work here, it’s the one meant to break our relationships. Let’s stop.

Could a Vitamin C gummy build my immunity to a judgemental heart?

I sure hope so. I’ll take the whole bottle, please.

I have friends who make bolder choices than me and friends who chose more caution.

I feel judgment creeping into me when I hear their decisions, different than mine. I think, “Ugh, she’s too reckless,” or, “Ugh, too anxious.”

Wait, heart. Before you claim irreconcilable differences in the crumbling of lifelong friendships, listen.

Can I practice the yoga principle, breathe in curiosity, breathe out love?

Can I be loving about their decisions and curious about my own?

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We’re all working within incomplete and ever-changing information.

It’s OK to not know for sure.
It’s OK to be on different pages.
It’s ALWAYS OK to change our minds.

“I’m not sure I agree with that,” is a powerful statement.

“I love you still,” is powerful, too.

Friends, I don’t care what you choose. I respect you and I choose our heart connection first.

We don’t agree on everything, and I’m staying.

I hope you’ll keep me, too.