What a Karen!

It’s a line we’ve all heard and probably said with increasing frequency lately. And I get it. She’s totally being an I-want-the-manager-I’m-right-you’re-uneducated force of nature. 

Here’s the thing: I’m a Karen.

So are you.

We all have our Karen-triggering hot buttons.

Don’t believe me? Post something about breastfeeding on social media. Or choose homeschool. Or guns. Or mask wearing. Heck, you could probably post a chicken pot pie recipe and someone you wouldn’t normally consider a Karen will chime in to tell you what’s wrong with it.

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Every one of us has at least one topic we just can’t resist educating others about. Don’t get me started on Dyslexia mitigation in public schools if you don’t want to meet my inner Karen. I do want the manager, and I will be a thorn in his butt. My. Kid. Needs. Help. 

Most Karens are sensible women who typically just smile and nod, or keep scrolling. But catch one when the toddler is asking for yet another snack, the teen is across the room exuding snark, and the hubby has just called to say he’s working late. She’s all out of calm for the day and she just read that you are considering turning your tall 2-year-old’s car seat front-facing. Guess who’s coming to dinner?

That’s right. It’s Karen!

The truth is we all have an inner Karen and the current state of our world is wearing down our defenses, making it difficult to keep her restrained.

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So next time you encounter a Karen, instead of shaking your head while feeling superior, how about just giving her a knowing nod?

I see you, Karen. 

Sometimes I AM you.


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