We forget.

Far too often, we forget.

We forget she has feelings.

We forget she has burdens.

We forget she has needs.

We plain and simply forget . . . 

That behind the sweet baby photos lies a weary mama, feeling completely alone, amidst her emotional postpartum period.

That behind the sweet-sixteen photos lies a heartbroken mama, struggling to navigate the roller-coaster teenage years.

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That behind the picture-perfect home photos lies a mama battling severe anxiety and depression, trying to cover up her struggles from the world out of fear of shame and judgment.

Far too often, we overthink.

We think she’s too busy.

We think we might bother her.

We think we might offend her by offering to help.

We plain and simply overthink . . . about the mama. The mama behind it all.

And far too often, we both forget and overthink the rawest and most basic truth of all—mamas need support too.

Because, a mama? She is simply nothing short of a sponge. Absorbing the entirety of the world around her. Those responsibilities she’s supposed to hold and honor. As well as the endless reel of worries she simply cannot ignore, the flood of feelings she just can’t prevent from drowning her.







There comes a point when a mama’s body starts to cry out. A point when it begins to ache to its core. There comes a point when a mama’s load just becomes too heavy. A point when she is beyond-saturated with life’s burdens. A point when she earnestly needs someone to gently wring her out and let her take some time to dry, so she can prepare to absorb again.

Let’s not forget the mamas. They, too, need support. They need encouragement. They simply have needs.

Because while her Heavenly Father’s strength can carry her to insurmountable lengths, the burdens of the world can sometimes feel heavier than a mother’s heart can carry.

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Whether fresh and new with brand-new life in her hands, or veteran and experienced with an empty nest and hollowing heart—far too often, a mama is just too humble to speak up.

Because a mama is simply used to carrying the load, not asking anyone to take on hers. But, sometimes? Sometimes, she simply needs someone to show her the grace of Jesus Himself. And step in to carry her load, even for just a small while, with the quiet understanding that a few minutes of someone sharing the load can make an absolute world of difference to her weary body, heart, and soul.

So, let’s not forget the mamas.

They are the backbone of our worlds.

They are the burden carriers.

They are the mountain movers.

They are the miracle workers.

They are the magic makers.

They are the world changers.

They are the broken heart menders.

They are the teachers.

They are the nurses and the doctors.

They are the chefs and the chauffeurs.

They are the selfless, invisible superheroes. They are the most beautiful shining stars of our lives.

And they deserve so much more.

Liz Spenner

Liz is a former elementary teacher and now a stay-at-home mama to six little ones. She writes as an inspiration and encouragement to other women, and most especially mothers on her blog, www.gracefullywoven.net (where you can subscribe and receive her free Five-Day Mini-Motherhood Devotional!). Liz loves spending with her family, outside as often as possible, as well as sneaking a few moments to herself with a run, dark chocolate and writing, with her faith as her greatest motivation.