I’m mommy again after being mother for so long. . . and I didn’t know how badly I needed to be.

I had children early in life. Two perfect babies, less than a year apart. I felt our family was complete. I watched them grow from babies to tots. From kindergartners to middle schoolers.

Days turned into years, and my perfect little babies became teenagers. They stopped referring to me as anything but “Mother” ages ago.

I was already feeling a bit of that empty nest syndrome. Family game nights with me turned into all-night calls with friends. Family movie night consisted of them staring at their phones, leaving me to my own company. 

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Though I missed those early days dearly, the days they called me “Mommy,” the days they hugged me before school, and the nights they wanted tuck-ins at bedtime, I had no plans of having more children. They were almost raised, and starting over again was not a thought in my mind.

But, God had other plans for me. He blessed me with a beautiful surprise baby (so much so I took multiple pregnancy tests before I believed it).

Thirteen years after giving birth and five years since I’d become “Mother,” I was a mommy again.

There would be more family game and movie nights, more hugs and tuck-ins. My empty nest syndrome was replaced with first-time mother fears. After 13 years, it felt like my first all over again. There were unnecessary phone calls to the pediatrician and several late-night “is it normal” Google searches.

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I love being “Mother” and I love being “Mommy.” Now I know my family wasn’t complete before. I wasn’t complete. I needed to be both those moms, and I thank God every day that I am.

Katelyn Washington

Katelyn is a mother to three wonderful children. She is passionate about parenting, environmental issues, and is a pro-life advocate in her community.