We plan to leave our family tree where it is now. A plan of welcoming another baby to our family doesn’t exist. The world works in its own wonderful way, but we know, that your firsts are our lasts. 

I don’t feel sad, I feel blessed. 

I don’t feel empty, I feel full. 

Welcoming you two has been my purpose, it has fulfilled my life in ways I didn’t know were possible. 

I have soaked in every single step and stage with you both. I continue to do so.

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Our youngest is basically a toddler. The baby stage is nearing the end. Although we don’t want more children (I said it out loud!), it’s still a hard door to close. 

Every stage is hard to leave but entering the next brings joys you didn’t even know were coming. 

So when I notice a last, and my eyes glitter with tears, know that it is not because I am sad. But because I am treasuring these lasts just as much as I treasured your firsts.

I’m taking you both in, every second of every day. Because I know these moments are fleeting but so precious. 

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At every stage of life, you will need me. It will just change a little bit each time. And that is enough for me now. We are incredibly lucky to have you both. 

We are four. We are together. Always. 

At every stage in our lives. 

Anna-Louise Osborne

Anna Osborne is an independent writer, exploring writing through social media. Her passion for writing knows no end. Just following her heart.