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I remember the beautiful January day when I first caught a glimpse of you in your white lace dress. You were breathtakingly beautiful as we snapped a quick picture together. My heart swelled with pride, knowing you had trusted me to see your final preparations before walking down the aisle and marrying my son. That day, I gained another daughter, and you a mother. I know you didn’t need another mother; I agree that your own is pretty close to perfect, but I am grateful that you accepted me. Thank you for allowing me to stand beside you that day.

As we got to know one another, you were often worried, wondering if I would judge the way you took care of my son. I tried hard to reassure you that you were doing a great job. You see, you were the woman I prayed would come along and marry him. A woman of faith, devotion, and love who would hold him tight during the hard times that come in every marriage. It was a joy to see how his face reflected how happy he was to be your man.

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I remember when you told me you would become parents. I was so excited for you both. I have known since he was a little boy that he would be a great father. I had no doubts that you would be an equally fantastic mother. My heart filled with joy the day you allowed me to lay my hand on your belly and feel my granddaughter’s strong kicks. You tried so hard to eat nourishing foods and stay healthy despite the relentless morning sickness. I was so proud of you. The excitement continued to grow as fast as your belly did.

When the day arrived for you to head to the hospital, you were filled with uncertainty. As any first-time mother, you weren’t sure how labor would go. You allowed me into your hospital room, to walk with you around and around the labor and delivery hallways. We talked of your plans and labor desires, and then you listened to my own memories of giving birth. I spoke words of encouragement, some too enthusiastically, as I tried to ease your pain and reassure you that your fears were normal. You allowed me to be a part of one of the biggest changes in your life.

After days of relentless laboring, the call finally came that it was time to meet your precious baby girl. I stood outside the door of the delivery room, waiting for permission to enter. I knew the delivery was a time for you to share with both your husband and mother. To allow them to care for you, support and encourage you. My time was spent praying that God would give you strength and the baby safety. I remember calling out that I had the camera when you were ready. You so graciously replied that I could enter now.

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The sight that filled my eyes caused my heart to overflowseeing you holding that tiny baby to your chest, seeing my son fully stepping into his daddy role, and the glimpse of your mom becoming a first-time grammie were all amazing. You allowed me to see the most sacred moments when a newborn, a mother, a daddy, and a grandmother were all born. Thank you for allowing me to come alongside you that day.

As your family continues to grow and change, I hope our relationship does too. I know it can be tricky gaining another mom, especially when she is often referred to as a mother-in-law. Both you and I have carried worry and fear that we might unintentionally hurt the other, yet because you have trusted me to be a part of your most intimate places of growth, you have also endeared my heart to yours, just as if I had given birth to you, my daughter.  I hope you know I love you.

Your other mother

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Courtney Mount

Millie's Mama, Courtney Mount became an author when Millie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma in the summer of 2019. She is a Christian wife and homeschooling mother to nine children. She and her husband live on an 80-acre hobby farm where they enjoy playing with the kids and grandchildren. Courtney is the Author of the children's book, "Millie Finds Her Miracle" which is a gentle introduction to death for young children. She frequently blogs on Millie's Miracle FB page, shares her stories on HVFH, and has been a featured guest on numerous podcasts. She is currently writing a book about grief, surviving loss, and embracing Millie's Miracle that brought healing from cancer in heaven.  Find more on MilliesMiracle.Net

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