Written By:  Scott @ County Seat Living

It seems like you feel seasons differently back here in Nebraska. Summer on the Great Plains is about hot weather and fireflies. Cotton falls from the mighty cottonwood trees as steady as a snow storm and the smell of fireworks lingers in the air around the 4th of July holiday. Lemonade stands dot the landscape of sun drenched side streets and there is always a line at the Dairy Queen, which is city pool adjacent. If you take the time to notice, which a lot of folks do back here in the summer, you can actually smell the scent of the crops in the air. It’s a magical time.

I received a call from a lady who asked if I could make some ice cream sandwiches for a family gathering she was having on their farm. We decided upon a combination of my Summer Lemon ice cream paired with my homemade ginger and molasses cookies. It sounded like a refreshing combination on a hot Nebraska summer afternoon.

ice cream sandwich2

I churned my Summer Lemon ice cream last night and baked a few cookies at the same time to avoid having the oven kick up heat during the day. I spread the freshly made ice cream in a pan lined with plastic wrap and popped it in the freezer for an hour. That made it possible to use a cookie cutter with a scalloped edge to create the ice cream part of the sandwich.

sandwich closeup

Then I started assembling frozen treats…

sandwich cookies

sandwich closeup4

I created a few wrapping bands made out of parchment paper, craft paper and custom labels to give the dessert that one-of-a-kind feeling…

sandwich closeup5

sandwich closeup3

The combination of cool lemon and spicy ginger is as much a part of summer as fishing holes and flip flops. Cheers to a great Nebraska summer and here’s to hoping that when that big sun melts into the sweet corn horizon, you too will have something refreshing to celebrate the moment with. 

ice cream sandwich1

Scott Rager

Robert Scott Rager is a Nebraska native who returned home to start a boutique business called "County Seat Living". His personal goal for "County Seat" is to translate the lifestyle design he was creating in Los Angeles for the past twelve years and apply it to the sensibility of the Great Plains. Whether he's writing about decorating, homemade ice cream, floral creations, event planning or product design, he wants the personality and style of Nebraska to shine bright.