I have been watching the HBO original series “Girls” since it came on the scene. It’s crude. It’s raw. It’s graphic. Vulgar. Open. Unapologetic. And some people will not appreciate these characteristics of the show. Lena Dunham, the actress who plays the main character, Hannah, is often naked or wearing revealing clothing, there are sex scenes, there is profanity, and all the realness of four young women going through their post-college years. Oh, and it’s set in New York. But this is not Sex and the City. It’s more gritty than that. And I hate to tell you, but I am pretty sure it’s a spot on portrayal of that time in a current Girl’s life. 

And I have found the show entertaining. Eye opening. And the writing, to me, is pretty incredible. 

On Sunday night, the series finale aired on HBO. I didn’t know what to expect. The show had always been provocative. Thought provoking. How on earth would they bring it to a close?


And I’ll tell you why. 

This show. This show that had been written about four girls. Four friends.

{spoiler alert!!!!}

Ended with Hannah having her baby. It showed her having real conversations. It showed her having real emotions. Saying real things about her body after childhood. It showed her going a little effing crazy. 

At one point in the episode, Hannah is ripping into her friend and helper, Marni. She is telling her how much she thinks she sucks. All while wearing a pumping bra and shorts. At another point, she sits, attempting to breastfeed her sweet baby and feels the real harsh feelings of rejection. And she even, at the end, has the most real look in her eyes when all of the sudden, it all comes together. 

I sat, watching the credits roll, and was so impressed with Dunham’s portrayal of all the emotions of a new mother when she has never been a mother herself. I couldn’t believe how well the entire dialogue of the episode captured the real feelings I had as a first-time mother. I couldn’t believe how they showed the side of new motherhood that no one wants to share… and they somehow made me love Hannah more than I ever have in the rest of the show. Of all of the pop culture portrayals of new moms where it is either all roses or just a moment of chaos, Girls so completely nailed how you go from being a child to a grown up, no matter how you become a mother. And it made this three-time-over-mama wish the episode had aired 9 years ago.

If you are not offended by nudity or vulgarity and you are a new mama, please, find a way to watch the episode. You will laugh/cry/commiserate with Hannah. You will be thankful for the exceptional writing. You will seriously love that you are not alone. Because you will feel that through Hannah. Because the writing and acting are that good. 

Goodbye, Girls… hello, Women. Maybe that will be the next show. Only time will tell. 

Ashli Brehm

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