I believe in the power that gratitude has to change our perspective.

Tonight I was overcome with gratitude, and I’ll tell you why. As I drove home tonight at 9:45 PM, I couldn’t help but notice all the tractors still in the fields. I know those farmers have been up since before sunrise and here they are still tirelessly working to get crops in the ground, trying to beat the rain. But when I see those tractors going through the fields with the glow of their headlights lighting the way since the sun has long gone down, it takes me back to my childhood.

Because I know what it means when the farmers are working late. It means that there are countless wives—moms—at home, taking care of the children by themselves. Getting dinner, doing bath time, saying prayers and putting little ones to bed. Then saying more prayers for the safety of her husband, prayers for good weather, a productive crop. Perhaps this touches a nerve because I remember not seeing my own dad much because he left the house before we were awake, and often didn’t get back in until we were already in bed.

So a hard-working farmer also means a hard-working farm-wife.

Our daughter helping her daddy work the field.

Farmers aren’t out there away from their families, exhausted to the bone, because they’re trying to make a buck. It’s true that they are trying to feed their kids, but they are also growing the food to feed the children of the world. Each of those farmers you see in the fields is feeding approximately 155 people worldwide. That is pretty impressive to me.

So what I wish, is that instead of fighting over what farming methods, or what chemicals said farmers are using on their crops, (whether they practice conventional or organic farming, both methods use chemicals, please know the facts), I wish that we could simply say “thank you” for making a tangible difference—thank you for growing the safest, most readily available foods in the world.

Because while you are all at home, snuggled in bed in your pajamas watching Netflix with your family close-by, farmers all across America are working right now to bring you the safe, nutritious food that you will put on your plates tomorrow.

So, gratitude. I am thankful to all of those farmers making sacrifices. And now I will say a prayer for the safety of my husband, my dad, my brothers, my father-in-law, and countless others, and pray for good weather and productive crops this year.

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Michaela Gasseling

I am a Christian mom, farmwife, La Leche League Leader, and health and fitness enthusiast. My passions are helping people to get to know Jesus, and encouraging others that having a good relationship with food and movement is worth learning! I am also a small-town Nebraska girl, a runner, coffee-addict, a certified PiYo Live group fitness instructor, an empowerer, and a rural influencer. I blog about our crazy life at http://cowgirlbootsandrunningshoes.com/.  I have a new title of SAHM and all my listed roles fill MY cup. The loves of my life—along with my farmer—are our four kids. I am learning to navigate life on a farm and at home after moving to my husband’s family’s place after 10 years of living in the city. Prayers and coffee accepted.