Dear husbands,

Take the kids.

Take them with you.

Need to run an errand? Take the kids.

Think it would be 100 times easier and faster if you went alone? We agree and it doesn’t matter.

Take the kids.

Don’t really have anywhere you need to go? Make something up and TAKE THE KIDS.

Your wife needs to be alone sometimes and being locked in her room or the bathroom or another part of the house where she can still hear the noise and voices and television and footsteps and sweet racket of the tiny humans doesn’t count.

Ok, let’s say those moments are good for partial credit because life is complicated and you need to do what you need to do, but believe us when we say this is an assignment you want to ace every now and then.

Take the kids.

Now some people will tell you that leaving us alone to clean or work is not “alone time,” but when we are alone we can do whatever we dang well please and that is the entire point.

We can do the things. We might not do the things. We might sit on the kitchen counter and eat a carton of ice cream that we don’t have to share while scrolling our Facebook feed.


So take the kids with you.

We love you more than life and we give every ounce of our energy and love to our families every day and we will continue to do this because we’re all in.

Also, sometimes we just need to be alone.

See you in a couple of hours.


Originally published on the author’s Facebook page.


Mandy McCarty Harris

Mandy McCarty Harris lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, young daughter, three dogs, and eleven backyard chickens. She writes about living happily in the messy middle of life. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and at