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A stay-at-home mom is more than sourdough starter and chickens. She is more than a DIY garden bed and “modern farmhouse” aesthetic.

You can be a good SAHM and not bake your own bread.

You can be a good SAHM and choose not to homeschool.

You can be a good SAHM and let your kid watch some TV.

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You can be a good SAHM and your house can be messy.

You can be a good SAHM and sleep in on a Tuesday.

You can be a good SAHM and say you feel lonely.

You can be a good SAHM while wishing some days you weren’t.

You can be a good SAHM and not cook every meal from scratch.

You can be a good SAHM and leave the dishes for tomorrow.

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You can be a good SAHM and not be dressed head to toe in beige looking pretty.

You can be a good mom regardless of where you live or what you look like because being a good mom is not dependent on keeping up appearances.

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Catarina Rock

Catarina Rock is a full-time mama and part-time everything else. If not at home she is likely wandering through a national park or at the local farmers market with a chocolate croissant in one hand and black coffee in the other. She currently resides in upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and their animals. Connect with her through Instagram, @catarina__rock.

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