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I know this school year has been hard. It was filled with ups and downs, and nothing consistent other than inconsistency.

There were good days and bad days.

There were quarantines and unexpected doctor visits.

There were canceled plans and changes to schedules.

Nothing stayed the same.

I know you felt like you were walking on eggshells the entire year, just waiting for the phone to ring from the school saying one of your children was exposed.

This has been an exhausting year for you, one that you don’t want to repeat.

But mama, you made it to summer.

You made it through the school year, through all the craziness it brought. Now go, enjoy your time with those kiddos.

Give them the freedom they have been craving all year.

Give yourself the freedom you have been craving.

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I know this isn’t behind us yet, but I pray that these next couple of months are refreshing for you and your kiddos. I pray that you rest in the steadiness of God even through the uncertainty that faces you each week.

I don’t know what next school year is going to look like, but right now let’s enjoy the simplicity of summer.

Run through the sprinkler.

Eat as many Popsicles as you want.

Catch lightning bugs.

Mama, don’t forget to exhale any longer.

You don’t have to hold your breath any longer.

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Enjoy this much-needed summer break. Don’t even worry about next school year. Many things are bound to change between now and then.

You’ll tackle everything next year has in store when it comes around. Let’s not spoil this precious time by worrying about all the things we can’t control.

Mama, you made it!

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Tynea Lewis

Tynea Lewis is a teacher turned freelance writer and watercolor artist. She and her husband are raising two girls, and they love spending time together at their family cabin. Tynea remembers loving to write as early as first grade, and she has a heart for encouraging women. She writes for various platforms, including Living By Design Ministries and Just Between Us. You can connect with her at, on Instagram (@TyneaLewis) or Facebook (@TyneaLewisWriter). Her original hand-painted greeting cards are available at

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