You were first.

You were the one we had prayed months for.
The one who took the longest to get to us. The one we saw all the specialists for.
The one I endured the most surgeries, procedures, and appointments for.

The one we had a baby shower for.
The one we turned an office into a nursery for.
The one who taught us about sleepless nights.

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The one who has taught us all the firsts about being parents.
The one we have made the most mistakes with.
The one who teaches us every single day.

The one who is the most sensitive.
The one who is the most loving.
The one who made me a mommy and made Daddy and daddy.

The one who teaches his brothers everything.
The one who helps me with everything.

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The one who still climbs up on my lap because he needs a hug or a cuddle.
The one who always comes back for one more hug or I love you.
The one who is growing up so fast, but will always be my baby.

You were first, and I thank you. 

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Heather Elrod

I am a stay-at-home boy mama of three. I live with my husband, our three boys, and two dogs in Ohio. 

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