You see that number? The one printed on the tag that hangs on the back of those cute pair of jeans you’ve eyed? I’m here to tell you something, so come close and listen to these words very carefully: that number does not define you.

Let me say it again . . . Your jean size does not define you.

Sweet girl who is trying to find a way to fit in at her new school, middle school, or high school where girls are wearing the latest styles with brand name jeans—as you head to the nearest mall or department store and slip on that pair of jeans only to find you have to go a size larger, or that double zero just doesn’t fit the way you were hoping, or you wish you had more curves to fill them out, please remember one thing . . . 

Your jean size does not define you.

New mama—as you navigate your new body that has just carried a baby for nine months and given birth, maybe you bounced right backbut maybe you didn’t. Maybe your body shifted to where those jeans you once wore just don’t fit right like they used to. Maybe you’re feeling insecure about having to go into that fitting room to try on what feels like a million pairs of new jeans. As you figure out what size best fits your new body, please remember one thing . . . 

Your jean size does not define you.

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Young lady, as you leave college life behind you and enter this world of adulthood, then come to find your body is still changing as you gain your full adult womanly figure—maybe the pounds don’t drop as they used to during your college days, or all of a sudden you feel like you smell a donut and instantly gain five pounds. Maybe you wish you could gain the weight you struggled so much with before, and even now as you get older, nothing seems to change. Just remember as you head to the store to find that new pair of jeans that fits this next role in your life . . . 

Your jean size does not define you.

Seasoned mama—you might not feel like you have time for this thing called self-care. I mean, what is this place called the gym? Or the beauty salon? There isn’t enough time in the day to be able to take a moment for yourself. So you scroll. You scroll Amazon and ship so many articles of clothing in various sizes because motherhood has done its number, and you find comfort in the ease of Amazon returns. You find security knowing you don’t have to enter that clothing store and take up who knows how much time in a fitting room surrounded by mirrors to analyze you. Your body has morphed so much, but in that morphing, never forget . . . 

Your jean size does not define you.

Do you know what defines you? Your faith in and relationship with God. The family who stands behind you and supports you in everything you do. The friends who cheer you up when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. 

You are more than the size of the jeans you put on your body. You are a woman who has been “fearfully and wonderfully made.” You have been chosen for this life! Your personality and passions are your true identity, not the number that is printed on that tag. You are a value to this world and the people in it. You are worthy of love and success.

You are made in God’s image, and regardless of where a size chart places you, you are a masterpiece. 

So sweet girl in middle or high school—walk into that school with your head held high knowing full well that the Potter handcrafted you into the perfect being you are. Your body is ever-changing, but that does not make you less than your peers. Remember, their bodies are doing the same thing, and each one is not like another.

New mama—you have just given birth to someone who will love you unconditionally and will lean on you for everything. They don’t care if you’re even wearing jeans. All they want is your touch, your scent, your nourishment. Remember, your body just conquered this amazing miracle. How spectacular is your body to be able to do that!

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Young lady—you are amazing. You’ve just conquered a degree, or maybe a trade school certification. What an accomplishment! And when you walk into that interview, the panel of people across the table are soaking in the way you flawlessly carry yourself as you answer each question with confidence that you are going to nail this job.

They didn’t ask you for your jeans size on the resume.

Seasoned mama—take a moment and look into that sweet toddler’s eyes. All they want is to play with you or snuggle with you on the couch. How perfectly does that mom body bring comfort to them. Look at that teenage kid navigating each new chapter of life and what an opportunity you have to help them get through it easier.

The beauty in all of these is that none of them require a specific jean size. They require your love, your attention, your passion, your faith. We are human, and vanity is ultimately a trait that comes with the territory. But it doesn’t have to be the end all be all . . .

Because girl, your jean size does not define you.

Meghan Moyer

My name is Meghan. I am a stay-at-home momma of two, an LEO wife, and a farm to table enthusiast. I love spending time with my family, I hold steady in my faith, and I enjoy gathering around a table with friends and family over a home-cooked meal.