Why is that fit, seemingly healthy guy with that not-so-fit, seemingly unhealthy gal?

I am ashamed to admit this thought has crossed my mind, but even more so now that I am, in fact, the not-so-fit gal in question. A friend recently shared a candid photo of my husband and me on social media that left me wondering, What happened to me?! The photo was taken from behind and with no warning to shift my weight or pose, I was left standing next to my tall, fit husband looking anything but and knew there was more to this question . . . and our waistlines. 

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So, here I am with not one, but three answers to this question of why is that fit, seemingly healthy guy with that not-so-fit, seemingly unhealthy gal?

1. She is stressed.

Not only does she carry the weight of her own relationship pains, professional demands, and toddler tantrums, she endures the trials and tribulations of those she loves. Her teenage son’s girl troubles, her preteen’s blemishes, the 7-year-old’s failed attempts at riding a bike sans training wheels, and her husband’s career uncertainties—all of it. Each and every upsetting situation is always running through her head—on repeat no less.

As if that’s not enough, she’s juggling grocery lists, soccer treat schedules, re-teaching herself seventh-grade algebra, and keeping the family and their home looking somewhat in order.

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2. She grew living, breathing babies, and her body has been through the wringer.

She gained 30 pounds over the course of nine months, birthed an 8-pound baby (with a bit of help from an epidural), then breastfed said baby for six months, both of which left her with a squishy mid-section and deflated chest. Then she had two more babies in two year’s time but was not able to lose the weight from baby two or three quite as successfully. Pregnancy widened her hips, loosened the muscles in her abdomen, and left her legs jiggly. Coupled with her pre-existing anxiety, there are also those monthly hormonal and physical bodily changes that leave her feeling not in any way like herself.

3. He loves her. 

He knows her body has changed. He sees she is too exhausted from emotional school drop-offs and bedtime battles to get in regular exercise. He acknowledges she is more emotional and anxious than in year’s past and not the woman he married. But none of that matters. He values her friendship, appreciates her sacrifices, and loves her more than anything else.

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There you have it, straight from her mouth. And with that said, she would also like to add that she was not always the overweight companion to a buff dude, but she is a work in progress and is OK with who she is and what she looks like.

Lyndsey C

Lyndsey was born and raised in Omaha, NE and in her life before becoming a work-at-home/homeschool mom was a critical care nurse. She and her husband bounced from Nebraska to California to Texas and are now taking mail in her husband's home state of Michigan. Lyndsey, her husband, their three littles, and a naughty yellow lab are now living the rural life dream on a handful of acres. Lyndsey enjoys writing, silence, DIY projects, family time, and whipping up a mean blackberry-cucumber-mint spritzer. Lyndsey is also a contributor for Mid-Michigan Moms.