My perfectionist child, there’s something I hope you’ll always understand . . . 

It’s OK when we mess up sometimes. It’s OK when things don’t go as planned.

It’s OK when schedules change a bit. It’s OK when favorite shoes won’t fit.

It’s OK when you struggle to read the time or learn to write or learn to rhyme.

It’s OK to forget what you wanted to say. It’s OK to wish problems would just go away.

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But trying to control the world around you is like water through your hand, like pouring in a glass that’s never full, like building a house on shifting sand.

Things aren’t always planned and perfect, but that’s OK. We can still enjoy the messy moments of this day.

The towers may fall, the creations may crumble. Just try it again and know we all stumble.

You’re learning new things, but we all make mistakes. We all need deep breaths and some long mental breaks.

So slow down a bit and know that you’re loved. Days can be rough, but your best is enough!

The world can be tough, but you can be strong. You can persevere and admit when you’re wrong.

And I’ll be here to hug you when your popsicle melts, when the sand castle’s ruined, when you feel all by yourself.

Your problems may seem small to others, but I care about the world of you. Your feelings are big and your heart is too. And I’ll be right here leading you through.

I’ll help you navigate through this world of emotions. Soon you’ll be riding the waves, swimming strong in the oceans.

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These things that feel big will soon seem so small. But I trust you’ll be stronger because I cared about them all.

So don’t worry too much if you forget the last note, can’t find your other sock, or forget how to float.

It’s going to be fine and I’ll be right here. We’ll conquer the battles, and together we’ll cheer.

Then you’ll go to bed, victories filling your head . . . 

And before I kiss you goodnight and turn out the light, don’t worry, I’ll make sure your cape is just right.

Stephanie Kramm

I'm a wife and homeschool mama of four lovable boys who make life a constant adventure. I enjoy music, art, and rare quiet moments in nature with a book and some chai. My Master’s is in counseling and I am passionate about advocating for at-risk women and children around the globe. I’m a contributing writer for the facebook pages Snips & Snails & Warrior Tales and this mere breath.